What are the Steps Taken to Introduce Learner-centric Programs?
An effective Teaching Learning Process with detailed Lesson Planning Document and Pedagogy is in place. Continuous feedback from students and following outcome based learning principles enables learner centric programs.

How do You Assess Knowledge, Needs and Skills of Students Before the Commencement of Teaching Programme?
A general discussion and feedback from students is taken and the interaction will lead to the assessment of student needs.

How is Learning Made ‘Student-centric’?
The main focus of the pedagogy and the teaching learning process is outcome based learning, which enables student centric learning.

What are the Mechanisms Adopted for Self-appraisal of Faculty?
Self-appraisal of faculty includes but not limited to student course feedback, results analysis, peer review, conferences, workshops and FDPs attended, publications in journals, Research and Consultancy, and active participation in Institutional development.

Vacation Policy to Students
The Vacation is given to students as per VTU Academic Calendar sent from the office of the Registrar. The actual dates will be followed.

Vacation Policy to Staff
All Staff are entitled for vacation of two weeks at the end of odd semester and three weeks at the end of even semester of an academic year.


Is there a Research Committee to Facilitate and Monitor Research Activities?
Yes, a dedicated Research Cell monitors the Research activities of various departments.

Does the College Promote Interest and Participation of Students in Research Activities Through its Academic Programs?
By actively conducting Expert Technical Talks, Industrial Visits, Group Discussions on Interested topics, Student Forums and Student organizations and memberships to various technical societies.


Is there an Alumni Association in the College?
Yes, the institute has an Alumni association. The alumni re union is held once a year generally on Republic Day every year.


How is the Administration of the College Decentralized?
The administration of the college is decentralized department wise. Each department is headed by a senior professor who manages the day-today activities of the department and reports directly to the Principal. The supporting departments such as Library, Transport, Physical Education, IT services, Hostel, Maintenance etc., are headed by competent staff who directly report to Principal.

What Measures has the College Taken in the Last Three Years to Translate Quality to its Various Administrative and Academic Units?
A systematic development plan is developed and adhered to in day – today activities. The regular academic council and support group meetings help to resolve and evolve methods and techniques to overcome the deficiencies.


What Mechanisms have been Developed by the College for Quality Assurance within the Existing Academic and Administrative Units?
Student Feedback on course delivery and Faculty performance, Self-appraisal of faculty, Student mentoring and counseling, Peer review and counseling, Faculty Development programs, Weak student development, Tutorial and Value addition courses, Skill and Holistic Development Training programs for both students and staff and faculty.

What Initiatives have been taken by the College to Promote Best Practices and Internalize them?
Industry – Institute Interaction, Invitation Lectures by Experts in the Field, Student Participation in Technical Forums, Formation of Student Groups/Membership in various technical bodies and Societies, MoA and MoU with various organizations to boost Research and Entrepreneurship, Setting up of Incubation centers.

Any Intervention Strategies Implemented in Last Three Years to Promote the Overall Development of Students from Disadvantaged Sections?
Student Mentoring, Counseling and additional Coaching, Weak Student Development Programs, Tutorials in Theory and additional Laboratory sessions to enhance hands on experience.

Is there any Internal Mechanism for Analyzing Student Feedback on the Performance of the College to Arrive at Student Satisfaction Index?
The student feedback is analyzed with respect to various parameters based on academic delivery, content management, punctuality and mentorship, knowledge and skill dissemination by faculty. Guidance and course testing and evaluation.

Mechanism Developed to Get Feedback from Students.
Student Feedback on Faculty appraisal is taken on the following parameters. Department wise faculty feedback analysis is carried out and the faculty are counselled based on the feedback from students.