Rules and Regulations at SIET

Anti Ragging Rules 

The ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within the premises of the college as well as on the public transport. If anybody found indulged in these activities, strict action will be taken irrespective of the extent and shall be dealt with as per the ordinance. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has banned ragging.

The ragging includes:

  1. Individual / collective acts / practices that involve physical assault / threat / use of physical force
  2. Violation of status, dignity and honor of girl student and / or SC and ST students
  3. Expose students to ridicule and disrespect thereby affect their self-esteem and
  4. Involve verbal abuse and aggression indecent gestures and obscene behaviour.

To prevent the ragging activities, the anti ragging committee has been constituted and brought into operation even before the start of first year classes and committee will take prompt action against the offenders. No incident of ragging has occurred till date in SIET, Tumakuru.

General Rules

  • The student must remain present for all class tests & college assessment examination.
  • The student shall complete all the term work such as journals, drawing sheets, workshop jobs or any other assignment as per schedule.
  • The student & parent shall specifically note that if the student fails to complete the term work regularly & to the entire satisfaction of the head of the institute, he / she will not be granted term & will not be eligible to appear for the University examination.
  • The student shall note that he / she is responsible to the Authorities of the institute not only for his/her conduct in the premises of the Institute but also for his / her general behaviour.
  • The student should help in maintaining the building & the campus of the Institute clean & tidy.
  • Students shall abide by the rules & regulations framed by the Institute from time to time.
  • For misbehaviour of any nature, the student will be liable to punishment including rustication.
  • The student shall wear apron in workshop.
  • The student is expected to read the notices put on the notice board of the college regularly.
  • The College is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to the student due to his failure to read the notices from time to time.
  • Students shall park their vehicles only in the specified area & shall always carry their identity card while in the college premises.
  • Any change in the address of the student must be communicated to the office immediately.

Hostel Rules & Regulations

  • All movements from and to the hostels should be recorded in the movement register kept with the security guard at the entrance of the hostel and should be properly signed.
  • Hostel ID: Student should contact the hostel office regarding the hostel ID. The students should leave the hostel ID at the main gate in case they leave the campus and should collect the same from the security when entering. ID’s not collected at the main gate will be issued at the hostel office to the students only after 15 days. During that period they cannot leave the institute premises. In case of lost ID cards, the student should register his/her case at the office of the Students Welfare and then the duplicate card will be issued 15 days later.
  • Attendance: The attendance timing is 8.00 to 9.30 pm for ladies hostel. In case of boy’s hostel all hostellers have to be present in their respective rooms and keep open the rooms between 9:30 pm & 10:30 pm every day (except Saturday for boy’s Hostel) to enable the Wardens /Block Supervisors to take the attendance.
  • The hostellers will be permitted to change their rooms only after Chief Warden’s approval.
  • The hostel rooms are subject to inspection by the university / hostel authorities to make sure that they are kept neat and tidy and no unauthorized items like liquor, drugs, lethal weapons etc., are kept in the room. Possession of any lethal weapons or any instrument / contrivance, which is likely to cause physical harm to others, is strictly prohibited.
  • Perfect silence is to be maintained in the hostel premises including rooms, bathrooms, dining halls, corridors, common areas etc., Every student of the hostel should have the civic responsibility that he or she should not be a cause inconvenience, annoyance or disturbance to others.
  • Day scholars are not allowed in the hostel. Hostellers should not encourage entry of day scholars.
  • Collection of donation for any purpose (Religious/ otherwise) is also strictly prohibited.
  • Students absenting themselves from regular classes will have to take the permission of the Warden and communicate the information to the Chief Warden.
  • Hostellers coming to the Hostel after the gate closing hours without prior permission or without valid reason would be fined. Regular late comers will not be allowed to stay in the hostel.
  • Water should be carefully used and not wasted.
  • Students coming late / or absent regularly will be expelled from the Hostel. Such students shall not be readmitted under any circumstances.