Institute Distinctiveness

Integrated Ecosystem for the Holistic Development of Students

Institutions have various activities and events for the Holistic Development of Students. Listed below are few which are described. 

Conferences, Workshops, Technical and Expert talks

The institution gives a lot of importance for the overall development of students. The institution invite experts from industries and corporate to share their valuable knowledge to our students. The workshops are organised at the departments to enhance the skills and employability of the students. All the departments organises the Expert Lectures or Technical Talks, Workshops to benefits the students and faculties. The important topics covered under Technical Talk on Block Chain Technology, Expert Lecture on Digital Marketing Opportunities and Challenges, Expert Lecture on Embedded System design using ARM cortexetc. The workshops were conducted on the topic Two day’s workshop on Python Programme, Three days’ workshop on building Communication skills and Self – Confidence, Two day’s workshop on Analog design  etc.    

Training and Placement Activities

The Training Programs organized by Training and Placement is to enable the students to change their approach and their mind-set. Since the contents of the Training Program is of Company specific and it also enrich the students to improve their knowledge, intelligence and at the same time it will boost up their confidence level, to attend positively in the placement activities. We will be focusing on Aptitude, Soft Skills, Communication Skills, Personality development Skills and Technical Training Program to solve 1st round of Written /Online Tests conducted by company during the Campus selection process. The students will be trained on overall skills which are very necessary to get a job in the Campus Selection. Training & Placement organizes On Campus, Pool Campus, Off Campus Recruitment Drives of various Companies starting with MNCs like TCS, Infosys, Capgemini, Accenture, Wipro, Cognizant, First American, TuringMinds, Code Craft, Theorem, TAFE, TMEiC, TVS & Sons, Quinnox, Sasken, Huawei Technologies, Nisson, Geometric, Quest Global, Mind Tree, EPAM Systems Inc, NTT Data, Speridian Technologies, SLK Software, Accord Software & Systems, HCL, IBM, HP, Oracle Financial Software Services Limited, ROBOSOFT, Global Automation, L&T Infotech, Virtusa, SCII, Lowe’s, PRDC, cater the requirement of our students. Management, Academia and Training & Placement collectively work to support our students’ community. Training & Placement organizes various other programs like Inviting eminent Industry experts to college for a workshops or seminars to give exposures to industry advances, strengthening R & D, harvesting Innovating thoughts among students and Faculty at Campus, Inter disciplinary project implementation etc. In addition to this focusing to diversified placement opportunities for our students, oversees placements, targeted companies to have the placements for our students based on the domain expertise, providing international language learning opportunities in campus.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs)

The Institute collaborate with various organisations through signing an MOU to facilitate various activities in the college for the benefit of students. The MOUs helps us in organising various activities like Technical Talks and Training Programmes, so that students are benefited out it. Some organisation with which the MOUs are signed with CAD DESK Tumkur, Capgemini -TNS India Foundation (TNSIF), Mumbai 400013,Crevona Labs and Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Activities, that are carried out under MOUs are Technical Talks, webinar and demonstration  on “Advancements in drone Technology”, Training Program on Basics of Python Programming, Technical Talk on Future career scope in IT Sector.

Industrial Visits

The Institution organises the students to various industries to expose them to experimental learning. All the departments organises the industrial visit and as well field trips to the industries. This will enable the students to observe the functioning of various machines and the productivity process, this gives them a practical knowledge of the theory studied by them.  Some Industrial Visit made to Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Co. Pvt. Ltd., Munnar Design and Tite Industry, Sharavathi -Linganamakki Dam etc and Field trips to Smart city data center, Tumkur, VJNN, Tumkur,Yettinahole project, HNS RMC Plant.

Cultural and Sports Activities

The Institute organizes many events; especially “ShriUtsav” has been celebrated every year. Where students can showcase their talent and socialize with different cultural groups. They are kindled to pursue big dreams with ethical and social concern.Various cultural events were conducted with the great success. More than 700 students actively participated in cultural events. The two days were preceded by a week filled with events where students actively coordinated and took part in it. A cultural procession was carried from the Main Entrance to the open air theatre in presence of Principal, trustees, students and faculties. Various events was organised such as Solo Dance, Group Dance, Fashion Show, Fireless Cooking, Mehndi, Rangoli, College Musical Band  performed in the event. Lazy dance was most attractive programme in the event and Singing, Skit, Mime, Photography events was organised by our students.

The Institute organises Shri Utsav Sports to arouse sportsmanship among the students, in this event students from different branches  participate in the sports like Throw Ball, Volley ball, Cricket, Badminton, kabadi for both girls and boys, the winners were given trophy and a certificate

Internships and Projects Work

The students of the Institution carry out internship/ Project Work as the part of their curriculum, all the department students are allotted guide to carry out the internship in various companies. The internship reports are prepared by the students and will be submitted to the department. The Internships are evaluated by the guide and Presentation and Viva voce will be conducted to allot marks for the Internship/ Project work.                   

Skill Lab Activities

The institute has Institution’s Innovation Council in accordance to Ministry of HRD initiative Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) is an initiative of Ministryof Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC) for fostering the culture of innovation amongst HigherEducation Institutesand Skill and Career DevelopmentCell carry out various activities for the benefit of students in association with ShriTeck Innovations and iSETiLAB. The various activities conducted under this are User Awareness Program on E-Resources,India Start-up Day Celebration, Innovation Day Celebration,Teachers and Engineer’s day Celebration, Science Day Celebration,Launch of 5G Services, Tumkur Smart City Visit, Mystory – Motivational Session, AwarenessTOFEL Exams, Technical Talks on recent innovation like Technical Talk on Social Media attacks and its Security Issues are conducted, Workshops on Technical Topics like Workshop On Future Directions in DataStructuresare conducted and Expert Lectures on various topics like Interpersonal Skills, Ethics and Etiquettes at Workplace are organised and conducted.

Students Club Activities

Many students club at department levels are active. Many activities are conducting under the banner of many clubs. Especially, Rotaract Club has been established at Shridevi Institute of Engineering & Technology. Under the Mentor Rotary Club – Siddarabetta – RI Dist. 3190. Rataract Club is registered at Rotary International and our Club ID is 217734. It was established with the intention of inculcating habit of Social Service among students. The 1st chartered installation of Rotaract Club was inaugurated on 19th February 2020 by the Chairman Dr. M R Hulinaykar and Director Dr. Raman M Hulinaykar in presence of President of Mentor Club Rotary Siddarabetta and our Principal Dr. Narendra Viswanath and other Dignitaries. As a part of the Rotaract Club activities a social service activity was organised at Siddarbetta on 9th January 2023. The students actively participated in cleaning the surroundings.