VLSI Design Lab

The main objective of the lab is to introduce the integrated circuits fabrication techniques to the students of ECE. The students are trained in the lab to write a program, to describe hardware of the system to be developed, then to simulate the program to verify the design and then to implement it on a FPGA or a CPLD device. Students are introduced to XILINX software to perform the experiments. Further they are introduced to the designing of very large scale integrated circuits (VLSI) using software’s like MEMSPRO and MICROWIND for both Analog and Digital system design. Some of the major experiments students conduct in the lab are designing of combinational digital system like address for ALU, multiplexers, Encoders, Decoders, Demultiplexers and 32-bit ALU.

Apart from this students are also trained to design sequential digital systems like Flip-flops, counters. At the end of study of the lab a student will be able to design a CPU, the heart of the computers system. Further in the study of the VLSI lab, the students are trained to design layout for the fabrication of different digital and analog circuits and to test their design using MEMSPRO software.

The successful completion of the prescribed experiments in the lab enables a student to gain complete knowledge of IC fabrication technique and testing. This help a student to get a placement in companies like IBM, Robert Bosch National Semiconductors, Microchips, etc.,